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We temper real life drama, universal issues, and deep truths with the absurd and the ridiculous. Our work explores themes of belonging, community, contradiction, and the wild human ability to lose all perspective.

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Comedy, 30 min

A Southern Gothic comedy. Beth Ann, a big-haired, small-town singer, has modest dreams of dominating the Southwestern Appalachian gospel circuit -- and while her career starts heading in the right direction, her faith experiences a total crisis.
Forced to reconcile her professional ambitions with her personal misgivings, Beth Ann seeks solace in her gently-closeted best friend Vic, and the lovable oddball Pastor Mike who has some questions of his own to answer. Meanwhile, her daily reality means singing in the choir with a coterie of nosy church ladies, while holding down her day job as a clerk at a off-brand Hobby Lobby, and butting heads with her irritating hippy-dippy Wiccan roommate Axel.
Through an absurdist lens, this series puts community, faith and morals in its sights -- highlighting when values and actions aren’t always in alignment, gently exposing the inherent contradictions in us all.


Comedy, 30 min

When their estranged great aunt Evelyn passes away, fraternal twins Leah and Ian Gilman are offered the opportunity to purchase her rundown wellness resort on the outskirts of Tucson.


After convincing two investors with their own motivations to buy in on the proposition -- Ian’s former boss, injured ex-NBA star Kwame St. Simon, and Leah’s former college roommate, trend-hungry tech millionaire Josephine Durk -- the foursome take up residence at Chiron Valley Resort and Spa.


Meanwhile they find themselves at odds with Zeb, the hotel’s mercurial manager, Debra, the understanding but physically inflexible yoga instructor, and Simone, the straight-shooting, one-armed Reiki Master, who work to preserve the “charm” of the place and the spirit of all that Evelyn left behind.


Drama, 60 min

The drama series “The Detroit Project” explores the politics of transformation and the impact of revitalization on Fleetwood, a rapidly changing inner-city neighborhood.


In modern day Detroit, local leaders and speculative investors promise to usher in the city’s next renaissance. A cast of residents, business owners, government officials, and criminals swirl around Wyatt Brooks, a disgraced former city employee whose desire to right a haunting mistake finds him navigating Detroit’s underbelly, where everyone wants a piece of the pie.


Wyatt’s story collides with several others including: Fred Choi, a transplant-to-the-city chef of a new restaurant; Kendra Brown, an intrepid investigative journalist; Jia Wong, a consultant on Fleetwood’s massive revitalization project; and Matias Garcia, a working-class kid from a struggling union family. Each of them finds their futures inexorably tied to the Detroit neighborhood that unites them all.

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