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Sonali (Sonal Shah) is well into her thirties and perpetually, permanently single. She leads a wonderfully full life, and – for the most part – wouldn't change a thing. Her other half and platonic life partner is Jake (Matt Doyle). They share an uncommonly close bond.

Suddenly though, Sonali is left to examine her place in the world when Jake introduces a new, serious boyfriend (Jordan Dallam). Sensing a fundamental shift, she spins out in a moment of doubt, even as she takes bold, decisive steps towards making a family in her own unorthodox way. In a world (even a gay one) that elevates traditional, heteronormative romantic relationships to be unquestionably the most important ones, is there a space for her? Where does she fit?




Scrubs (NBC), The PTA (ABC Family), Superstore (NBC), New Girl (FOX), Spaced Out (NBC), Better Things (FX), The High Note (Working Title), Definition Please (Netflix), Four Samosas (2022 Tribeca Official Selection), Mira Royal Detective (Disney), The Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network), Costume Quest (Amazon). Development deal with Disney+


Broadway: Company (2022 Tony-Award for Best Feature Actor), Book of Mormon, Spring Awakening. Film: Private Romeo. TV: Gossip Girl (CW)

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